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The technical term for a widespread condtiton resulting from playing Guitar Hero for too long. Symptoms include believing one is seeing furniture and TV screens grow, which results from the constant up and down motion one's eyes make when following notes on the screen. Less scientifically known as Guitar Hero tripping.
"Woah, dude, it looks like that bookcase over there is growing..."
"No, man, you've just got a serious case of Guitar Hero Syndrome. Why don't you stop playing that damn thing and go get some sunlight."
by Torby April 29, 2007
A person who hangs around with cool people (one of which they are not) in order to become cooler. This method usually does not work, as the leech is usually a weirdo that will never be cool anyways. Bling leeching consists of creepy, stalker-ish following, trying to butt in to conversations, and dressing like the cool people.
"Dude, I wish that bling leech would stop following me around. He's making me look less cool."
by Torby January 26, 2006

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