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A term used to show off when you have the nuts in a poker game. After going all in and everyone calling/folding, immediately flip your cards, yell out "muck yo shit," and start collecting the chips.

This term can also be used in everyday life. If ever you need a catchy phrase, it is fair game to say, "Ayo, muck yo shit reggins..."
"Nice full house John. Wow Satyam you have a full house too! No way Mikey Mike. You have four-of-a-kind. Thats too bad cause I got the straight flush. Sorry boys....MUCK YO SHIT!!!!"

"That bitz told me she liked me, but I was all like MUCK YO SHIT"
#poker #the nuts #beast-mode #muck your shit #fish
by Topher107 September 12, 2006
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