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a huge, jacked guy that says and does the most stupid stuff and is always making a fool of himself, they work out in the gym as much as they possibly can so that they get even huger, they usually suck up to their coaches and peers so that they r liked even though this makes them hated even more, they try way too hard to fit in and are posers so they don't really have any friends but they think they do cuz they r retarded and/or people just pretend to be their friend cuz they r either scared of the tool or they enjoy making fun of the tool and using them for their own personal gain, the tool of course is too dumb to realize that they r being used, tools look tough and pretend they're tough but r usually either pussies and they r just too much of a dumbass to win in a fight anyway, also they love their jacked body and working out more than anything else in the world
"Hey Ryan, you are a tool!"

"Look at that tool working out"

"HAHA, that tool just made a huge fool of himself!"

"OMG, that tool is such a dumbass, look what he is doing"
by Tool_Hater August 22, 2009

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