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The act of getting "Tooled down", in which the participator enters a semi-god status,and gets "down and dirty" on the dancerfloor/scence. The participant is invulnerable to cheap pick up lines, critics of the 80's and all forms of physical pain(excluding cheap foreign beer).It is found that Tooling It Down is a very orgasmic experience and often the user must spend several hours getting groovy after Tooling It Down

To initiate the act of Tooling It Down, a person must raise his left fist above his head, and cry "TOOL IT Down!"

Warning: Side effects include tendicies to believe you are invisible, everyones best friend and God damn sexy (your not!)

They'd just come home from Tooling It Up and where exhausted when the two hot single neighbours dropped by on their way to the club. They TID and damn they got lucky.
by Tool3y November 14, 2006

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