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A town of just under 5000 people, Wayzata is located on the beautiful Lake Minnetonka has the reputation of being rich, snobbish and overall stuck up. Although most attendants of Wayzata High School actually live in nearby Plymouth, Maple Grove, Delano, or other small towns, the parking lot is still filled with Hummers, Corvettes, BMWs, and other such expensive automobiles. Overall, if you aren't rich, beautiful and highly egotistical- this just isn't the town for you. And compared to Edina? Wayzata takes the cake-eaters title FOR SURE.
The Wayzata women's soccer team is yet to suck-- how many state champs do we have? Thats right...count um....
The Wayzata football team also does well, and tends to bring quite the crowd to the staduim.
by TooBonkers September 14, 2006

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