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a woman with a voluptuous body but a homely face
resembles a fork; finely crafted handle--jagged prongs
Man 1: Dude, look at the body on that blonde over there!
Man 2: Where?
Man 1: Nevermind, she just turned around and she's a total prong.
by Too Smart For My Own Good August 18, 2006
1. graphic novels imported and translated from japan

often popular with nerdy asian teens with no life or nerdy white adults with no lives preying on nerdy asian girls

2. section of bookstores filled with losers sitting by the selves reading fruity comics at a rate of 10 pages per minute
im gonna reorganize my figurines, and then im gonna read some manga, and then my mom is taking me shopping for clothes, and then im gonna go to work at the comic book store, and then im gonna look for an apartment because my mom wont let me buy anymore star trek commemorative plates
by Too Smart For My Own Good August 18, 2006

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