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A game Domonated buy males played anywhare at any time.

combatents use only there index fingers as swords
the object being to "stab" the antagonist with your finger
combat can become quite violent with kicks, punches, and spit being exchanged bewtwix the combatents
Anthony: lets play Finger Swords
Smay: Finger Swords be the fuckin shit homey
by Tony.1 January 16, 2008
A filthy,fucking,disgusting,whore who is willing to fuck in the bathroom in school.

Any one who fucks dirty shop kids in a dirty shop class
Anthony: What thre Hell is a Smootloops?!?!?!?!
Smay: Lizz
by Tony.1 January 16, 2008
Time for sexy

Jared's favourite phrase
Tony: Hey
Jared: Sexy-Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Tony.1 January 16, 2008
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