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A ritual performed by heavy drinkers with a high tolerance for alcohol before going to a club in order to catch a buzz first to save money.
Damn, the cover at that club is gonna break me before I get in the door. I am gonna grab a bottle of cheap gin and a bottle of orange juice and get pre-wasted before I ante up.
by Tony Kessler July 26, 2009
The American Democratic Party commiting political suicide
lit: to kill the donkey. (asinus {donkey}+ cidium {kill})

I have watched the Democrats do this again and again. They win the public over and then procede to undo it all through infighting, selfish interests and just plain stupidity. I researched the latin and came up with the best I could for a word that seemed to fit the situation
Once again, the Democrats are going all out to commit asinicide in this session of congress.
by Tony Kessler July 30, 2009
Using the prefix trans for across and eclipse for "to block out" we have the word transclipse. Transclipse is a verb meaning: when an object that moves across the field of vision blocking from sight a visually preferred object in a synchronized manner.
Example: I spotted this beautiful woman out of the corner of my eye, but when I tried to take a second look, her boyfriend transclipsed her, blocking her from my eager eyes.
by Tony Kessler June 11, 2016
After closing down the bars and realizing that you are too drunk to drive, the only way to get home is to lean against a building and slide your shoulder along the side to remain upright while moving in a forward direction.
"I got so drunk downtown last night, the only way I could get back was to slide home on the windows of the storefronts.
by Tony Kessler August 02, 2006
neo-muslim: an extemest muslim that is out of the mainstream and into terrorisim and wold domination
The only difference between a neo-nazi and a neo-muslim is the neo muslim has a beard and no mustashe.
by Tony Kessler September 04, 2010
History is what the Japanese word hi-su-to-ri sounds like. A real word, it is short for hysterics, usually utterd when someone loses his cool and makes an un necessary outburst.
It is spoken without inflection, or you become Hi-su-to-ri too!
Hey, that is my pizza!
History! (Hi-su-to-ri!) Just get another one from the box!
by Tony Kessler August 23, 2006
Checkers was in the 50s, (at the time) Vice-President Nixon's dog. He used the dog, a cocker spaniel I think, to cover up a blatent lie. Basicly, he tried to tell the world a soppy story about his dog to make them feel sorry for him and put him in a more favorable light than he was ultimatly burned out of office by.
"Checkers is my cute little dog." It could probably also be used as a verb. "Man, don't talk checkers to me!"
by Tony Kessler August 23, 2006
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