4 definitions by Tony C

The Best Rapper Comming Out Of Kansas City Mo,Spit's Fire he rap as fast as twista and has a mentalley of a true killa klown check his web site out www.therealtechn9ne.com
"The Killa Clownz In Yo Town Raising All hell!"
by TONY C October 13, 2004
Kansas City MO 64124 homie thats real born and raised in North East Side Kay-Cee from Independence ave to Gladstone Blvd it's all love homie!
Hay where you from dog?
Man i'm from that NorthEast Kansas city Mo Homie!
by TONY C April 13, 2005
To take a big dump.
I will be right back, I gotta go Rage a Duke.
by Tony C January 09, 2004
Gay bar spoken as one word (gaybar) can mean the same as wack.

I believe this term became widley used when that crap song came out where the main line was "gay bar, gay bar, gay bar."
To put the word in context i could say;

'Top of the pops is fucking gaybar!'
by Tony C February 02, 2005

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