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Fingerprints left behind by any member of an Afro-Caribean minority. Not specifically, but including, at scenes of crime.
"Look here searg', there's wog dabs all over the place/doa/gear."
by Tony Blair March 21, 2005
Tory-Lite. Founded 1997
Yeh, it's true, we're just fuckin tories, so what?
by Tony Blair April 26, 2005
Orran Fuller - the king of comedy and computer games. Loves to make fun of Graham (and rightly so).
Gwarm! You are gay!
by Tony Blair May 07, 2004
2 cones of different sizes. The larger one having a flashing yellow light on top
by Tony Blair March 04, 2003
deformed or mentally ill person usually with dribble hanging off their mouths and arms flapping
by tony blair September 12, 2003
Someone who loves war and doesnt seem to realise that war is bad. Also boyfriend of Tony Blair and joint leader of the UK
For fun lets go George Bush
by Tony Blair November 24, 2003

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