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2 definitions by Tomstoppable

Noun- In anticipation of an important social event (IE- party, wedding, taking a new profile picture, etc) the generic douche bag spends an impressive amount of time grooming his or herself, covering their locks with an unending mixture of hair gel, hairspray or styling mousse in an attempt to get the perfect look, only to become increasingly frustrated with their failure and have to wash their scalp thoroughly and start from scratch.
Person 1: "Jesus bro, I've been waiting in the car for forty-five minutes, how long does it take for you to get ready?"

Bobby: "Gimme a break man, I've got to look bitchin' tonight. I've just screwed up my 'do for again, I'm gonna have to have another hairdo-over and get it right.
by Tomstoppable September 20, 2011
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A term used to describe any crap, nonsense or bullshit that one uses to make his or herself appear far more important or interesting than they are, most often in order to impress one's entourage, or simply complete strangers, particularly ones of the opposite sex.
Cindy: "Sorry, I have to get going. It sure was nice meeting you Rob, I hope we can do it again sometime."

Rob: "Sure thing. No worries, I have to go too. I've got to head to work for a business meeting, then I've got basketball training and a gym workout, before going to the soup kitchen to help the homeless"

Cindy: "Wow, you're a busy, energetic guy, that's awesome. We can meet up next thursday if you like".

Having enjoyed his sudden bout of practical bullshit, Rob then proceeded to go back to his parents' basement, lie in bed wanking and eating cheetos until thurdsay.
by Tomstoppable April 27, 2012
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