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The highest personal achievement any human can accomplish. You must eat 4 chipotle burritos, 2 chicken and 2 steak. You have 25 minutes to finish eating, while allowed to drink any beverages necessary. Immediately after the final burrito is finished the competitor has to run a mile. This mile must be completed in under 7 and a half minutes. After the mile is completed the competitor must not throw up for 2 hours, however if vomit occurs he/she can still eat their throw up to maintain eligibility.
Mike: "You just ran your mile in 7:21, don't throw up now."
Kevin: "Too much food"
Mike: "Be a man, the chipotle challenge is the most impressive accomplishment in the world."
Kevin: "Owwwww"
by TommyMcgee April 19, 2009
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