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3 definitions by TommyJJ

Vomiting (esp. in the street)
Landlord: "You look rough mate"
Gus: "I know, I've been barking at the ants all evening, I think it's your dodgy beer"
Landlord: "Well you did drink 19 pints of it"
by TommyJJ March 01, 2006
A particularly hideous member of the opposite sex.

When a wolf is caught in a trap it will commonly chew it's own leg/s off in order to escape.

Now imagine awaking the morning after a big night, to discover that the previous night's conquest is a hideous monster, and one's arm is stuck beneath her/him. One could quite easily think that it would be better to chew one's arm off and run away rather than risk waking said monster.
Friend: "How was last night?"
Trapee: "Awful, woke up with a wolf trap"
Friend: "unlucky"
by TommyJJ February 23, 2006
To impose your presence upon an area. To hang about in a conspicuous manner.
"Cha, I'm well bored man... lets go dark-out Tesco's car park"
by TommyJJ March 08, 2006