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3 definitions by Tommy PWT

Fake boobs, breast implants.
'That chick had some big 'ol bolt ons"
by Tommy PWT October 26, 2006
Doing a chick, best when doggy style, and at some point during the act of sex...sticking your finger(s) in her ass, and then rubbing that finger(s) on her upper lip, thus giving her a fecal mustache.
"That bitch got pissed when I gave her a dirty sanchez"
by Tommy PWT October 26, 2006
Often mistaken as a negative term for white people, (such as nigger for blacks) but it is not. When the white man came to get a slave in the old days, he would drive up in his truck and signal the slave owner by honking his horn, thus the slaves would call them 'honkey'.
White people are not offended by this term.
We gonna be busy today, here comes a honkey.
by Tommy PWT October 26, 2006