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3 definitions by Tommy Knocker

noun-1)the act of cunnilingus or fellatio 2)the service an intern perfomrs for the president
Hey Hillary, give me oral. No? Okay I will go ask Monica.
by Tommy Knocker December 04, 2004
setting someone's alarm clock then defecating on it so the as to listen to the response
that girl i went home with last night, I texas time-bombed her ass
by Tommy Knocker December 13, 2004
an adolescent who rings a doorbell in anticipation that the aged residents might come out in there underware waving a gun or claiming to have personal connections with the mayor 2) the funnest experience you will ever know 3) a person who can wake the dead with the sound of his slapping balls
Old Man McGinty: We got a tommy knocker round these parts. I swear if i get chance I'll blow his head clean off his fuckin' shoulders
by Tommy Knocker December 13, 2004