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the time of the day when you havent smoked yet and u pack up the bong and your happy as a bitch. example
Guy1: "Come on bro, i havent smoked all day, im feenin"
Guy2: "I got some bud yo?"

#blaze up #high #weed #olphert #faggit
by Tommian January 06, 2009
Group of potheads living in holland meadows/southlakes in virginia beach.
"the dadz are bout to go to the bridge and smoke a fat ass L."

"oh shit here comes the dadz"

"the dadz have arrived"
#g's #hood #smoke #chill #dads
by tommian January 05, 2009
What we call ciggarettes out in the hood.
Yo, can i get a stoagamon?
#stoag #boge #ciggarette #newport #cigg
by Tommian January 05, 2009
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