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A Wannagooder is a synonym of naive. A wannagooder is someone who wants to solve the worlds problems by engaging in naive acts.

A wannagooder never takes the time to understand the true nature of the worlds challenges and how they might actually be solved.

The word comes from the combination of "Wannabe" and "Do-gooder"
Those people are such Wannagooders. They recycle religiously and think they are saving the world, but they really just keep the price of aluminum down for the megacorps.
by Tomicus April 09, 2009
The nanotechnology equivalent of a tatoo, able to change the design and color automatically as a result of implated nanotechnology "Ink."
Dude, I just got the coolest Nattoo. I can show pix of my rocket ship and make cash advertising for Poison Energy Drinks at the same time!
by Tomicus May 30, 2009
Someone initiates their personal mutiny against the toxic food industrial complex with the help of gluten free food products.
Since Maggie became a Gluteneer, she has lost 50 pounds and looks healthy and happy again. Is she dating anyone?
by Tomicus May 04, 2010
An individual who is exceptionally active and prone to the outdoors.

My cousin is always outdoors! If he is not parasailing or dirtbiking, he is parasailing or skiing. You've heard of Extra-Terrestrials? He's an Ultra-Terrestrial!

by Tomicus March 27, 2009
A government is a group with predatory instincts who possess neither the capital to form a corporation nor the singular bravery of common thieves.
Our Government is a group of cowards and thieves, but I repeat myself.
by Tomicus May 16, 2009

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