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3 definitions by TomGore

Attitude towards having a baby common in middle class. Treating own baby child as another expendable fashion item that can be switched off and put aside.

Person suffering from b.b.s. lives in a constant shock caused by the new born baby vomiting, urinating, defecating or screaming 24/7 while expected to be always nice, clean, smiling, babbling and wearing designer clothes like the Baby Born TM doll.

Symptoms include preoccupation with ANY sign of life of the baby (from a smallest pimple, that is taken care of immediately with much ado on internet forums to all the slimy secretions that the parents refuse to clean so as to "protect the natural flora"), severe mental retardation and irrational behaviour on the part of the mother (90% of cases) or the father.
- My mother has bought Armani baby clothing, bling-bling Van Clef diamond pacifier AND a set Pupa baby cosmetics for 5000 dollars this week and then wrapped my little brother Tim tight and put him on a shelf for the night to take some rest. Weird.
- Nope, she just suffers from the baby born syndrome.
by TomGore May 19, 2009
An expression used to excuse your ugliness or poor appearance. Used when you are embarrassed by the reaction to how ugly, uncool, unfashionable or impolite you look, perform or otherwise appear to the so-called general public.
- Tom how on earth could you walk into the ladies' room wearing a bandana of condoms and a dirty sock on your private parts?
- Dude, wasn't me - it was my avatar!

some other time:

- Who's that pig with a belly the size of a rucksack? You, Tom, perhaps?
- No, not me. It's my avatar.
by TomGore April 12, 2010
Another catchphrase for email footers and instant messenger status messages.
From the NYT column article "The Glory of Poland" by Roger Cohen.
- How on earth can you title an article "The Glory of Poland"?
- Ask the Poles. They know.
by TomGore April 13, 2010