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1)A phrase said by an individual who doesn't know exactly what to say to a question.

2)A phrase said by an individual that can be said after any statement whatsoever in order to form a question of acknowledgment, and it tends to always fit in with the statement.
1) "What time is Betty coming over tonight?"
"Oh, ya know.."

2)"This house gets really scary at night, ya know?"
"Bob's wife is a bit senile these days, ya know?"
by Tom and Cameron February 18, 2006
A phrase said by someone who has seen, heard, tasted, felt, or smelled something shocking, something done by accident, or by stupidity.

To ah jeez; To say "ah jeez" after something worth saying "ah jeez" has been committed.
"Hi John how was Beijing?"

"It rained the entire time, and I didn't even get to see Fo Ming!"

"Ah jeez..."
by Tom and Cameron February 12, 2006

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