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4 definitions by Tom Swift

n. A punch to the testicles.
v. To punch someone in the testicles
Just when we had him beat, that piece of shit had the nerve to lervy Joe.
by Tom Swift October 08, 2003
One who has a sick obsession with wordlervyword, i.e. he tries to punch men in the genitals at every possible chance.
Better watch the wordfamily jewelsword around that one - he's a certifiable lervert.
by Tom Swift October 17, 2003
The fiery, burning sensation in the anus during defecation due to the consumption of extraordinarily spicy cuisine.
While he somehow managed to avoid throwing up the shot of Vodka with a drop of Mad Dog Inferno hot sauce, the following morning he suffered a blistering bout of red eye.
by Tom Swift July 14, 2004
A guy who goes around giving anyone in his way a flying teabag, like from the movie Master of the Flying Guillotine.
Man, Did you see Woodrow give that guy a flying teabag?
by Tom Swift April 07, 2005