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An alliterative and fun way to refer to the years 2009-2012.
Person A: Happy New Year 2009!

Person B: Yay! 2008 turned out to be quite a mess! Let the Twenty-tweens begin!!!
by Tom Hartung January 10, 2009
The process of using a paperclip to reset a modem or router to its factory default settings. This process involves unfolding the paperclip and sticking the end of it into a small hole in the router designed specifically for this purpose.
After forgetting my modem's password I had to call my ISP and they said I had to paperclip it. After paperclipping it I had to reconfigure it from scratch.
by Tom Hartung May 01, 2008
The mis-targeting of banner ads on social networking sites, due to an unfortunate synonym.
I made the mistake of posting about having a pot pie for dinner on facebook. Now, because of the pot pie effect, I am being bombarded with ads asking me to join their legalize marijuana group!
by Tom Hartung October 30, 2009
The grammatical person, commonly used in status messages on social networking sites, that starts off in the third person (he, she, it) but ends in the first person (I) because ultimately I am writing about myself.
So, my friend hooked up with this girl, and he didn't use protection, and now he says it hurts when he pees. Anyway, do you think I should go to the doctor?
by Tom Hartung March 08, 2009

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