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The word cheesepipe is derived from the two words cheese and pipe. There are two definitions for the word.
1) a pipe used to smoke cheese
2) A pipe made of cheese, used to smoke substances such as tobacco.
1)I was smoking some mad cheese last night with my cheesepipe
2)I have to buy a new cheesepipe, because my last one melted when I was smoking tobacco.
by Tom Browne May 09, 2005
An exclamation of joy or dissapointment
shizzlemenizzle it is good 2 see you
my rabbit just died, shizzlemenizzle.
by Tom Browne August 06, 2005
1. Fruit bearing
2. Pregnant
1. That apple tree is frugiferous
2. That girl i slept with the other week is now frugiferous.
by Tom Browne July 31, 2005
1) An indian tree.
2) A vagina.
3) A wimp.
4) A homie or homedog.
1) That tree is a poon
2) I love a bit of poon.
3) just do it, don't be such a poon.
4) Yo, my main poon, someone been dissin our bitches? PIMPIN!
by Tom Browne May 24, 2005
1. Any one of a group of birds of the duck family, intermediate between ducks and swans.
2. Someone who is very sexually active.
3. With the word "Proffessor" as a prefix, it means a cool, funny, intelligent and loveable guy.
1. See that bird over there, its a goose!
2. Terrence the pimp is such a goose, sometimes I think his cock mighjt fall off!
3.You know Tom Browne? He's so great,I'd call him a Proffessor Goose.
by Tom Browne July 31, 2005
A term used to offend someones mother.
Your ma is a maramalade.
by Tom Browne May 24, 2005
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