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More than one of the american rocket launcher made famous in WWII used primarily as an anti-tank weapon.
"We need to destroy that armor! Get some bazookas up here!"
by Toki Wartooth7 March 18, 2008
Guy LaDouche (pronounced Gey Ledoosh) is a creepy bisexual character that they made by dubbing with a creepy french accent for the show MXC or Most Extreme Elimination Challenge aired on the tv channel "Spike TV". The dub is not at all what is really being said and it is edited to be hilarious, which it is. He always says "Guy LeDouche here," before he talks to the contestants or says what games are going to be played in that episode.
Guy LeDouche here, today we will start off with Eat Shitake, then move on to Log Rollers, then head to Irritable Bowl Syndrome, and finish with Brass Balls, Vic?
by Toki Wartooth7 February 22, 2008
An American made Rocket Launcher made famous in WWII It is primarily used as an anti-tank weapon. It was named after the instrument with the same name.
"We got armor closing in on our position, Get a bazooka up here now!"
by Toki Wartooth7 March 18, 2008
Daddy Longlegs are, despite popular belief, insects, not spiders due to the fact that they have 6 legs rather than 8. They have a single-section podlike body (whereas spiders have 3 sections of their bodies) and very long, thin, spindly legs that when pulled off, still move for a bit. They are commonly seen in backyards or unfinished basements.
It is so fun to pull off a few legs of the Daddy Longlegs and watch it hobble about.
by Toki Wartooth7 August 23, 2008
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