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3 definitions by Tokenizing Words

Itself an invented word used exclusively pejoratively to dismiss newly coined words. Usually used to express distaste for words inconvenient to one's ideology.
Pederasts, a more perverse subtype of faggots, declare moralphobia a neologism.
by Tokenizing Words December 19, 2007
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Words wikipedia, itself a neologism, finds inconvenient.
Wikipedia, itself a neologism, discourages the use of neologisms.
by Tokenizing Words December 19, 2007
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A period of re-education at a state funded school that teaches a variety of techniques to damage health: suicide, promiscuity, fornication, debauchery, recreational drugs.

On occasion teens will be advised not to ride in vehicles with intoxicated operators.
In Health Class you'll receive free condoms and be told to fornicate wildly if you want. This is not health advise.
by Tokenizing Words December 19, 2007
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