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A person who believes that they are always right, and can NOT be corrected, or will not accept that they are wrong about anything
What a know-it-all that guy is incorrigible
#encorrigible #uncorrigible #know it all #smartass #smart ass #smarty
by Token44 November 07, 2007
To explain the content of a situation or to clarify a request so that people with blond hair will also be able to understand.
Speaker: "this is how a clock works"
Blond: "I don't get it"
Speaker: "it shows you what time it is. That should be deblondified enough"
Blond: "when"
Speaker: "Now"
Blonde: "Ok, I get it now"
#deblondify #bumb blond #blond #blonde #simplify
by Token44 February 29, 2008
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