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2 definitions by Toke&Mason

The excessive ramming of a vagina into a male's face, often seen performed by a stripper and/or possibly your ex girlfriend
{after placing her legs onto my shoulders in a rolling chair exclaiming "do not drop me"}

stripper or ex: im about to give you a pussy punch

patron/male: what is that?

stripper or ex: {proceeds to ram pussy into face in the doggy style position, if frontside refer to clit tap}

patron/male: damn, well thanks for the washington special
by Toke&Mason March 19, 2010
Special treatment from females (often strippers) that only involves the transaction of a dollar bill.
Patron: {holds dollar bill up}

Stripper: Don't drop me.

Patron: Why's that?

Stripper: Washington special, you get a pussy punch
by Toke&Mason March 19, 2010