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Playfully derogatory term for a gay man who hangs our primarily with lesbians or a specific lesbian.

Fag hag = straight girl hanging mostly with gay man/men.
Dyke bunny = gay man hanging out mostly with lesbian(s).
Why is Jimmy going to lesbian night at the club? Oh its because he's such a dyke bunny. What a freak. HAHA.
by Tojomo August 01, 2010
1. A person on the inside track to becoming your boyfriend or girlfriend with whom you are not yet official.

2. A person who you would like to have as your boyfriend or girlfriend but when there is something stopping that from happening.

{Comes from the term of endearment boo. Used on people your flirting with to make them feel special. Boo friend is an unofficial relationship state used to describe anyone you are using that term on who you really like or would like to possibly date in the future.}
1. I'd like to date John but we just met, so for now hes just my boo friend.

2. I'd like to date Robert but hes going off to college and I dont do long distance, so for now hes just my boo friend.
by Tojomo August 01, 2010

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