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This where a woman will suck your cock till you cum in her mouth. Then you take a turkey baster and suck the gizz from the mouth. Place the woman on her back and roll over so her ass is up in the air and she balances with legs folded back over. Insert the turkey baster into ass hole and squeeze the gizz into the ass. Then place your favorite serving plate under the junk hole and have the lovely lady shit the gizz out onto the plate. There you go; you are now serving Japanese Caesar Salad.
We were invited to the Johnsons tonight for "Japanese Caesar Salad".
by Toecrib December 06, 2009
A mountainous region on or adjacent to genitals subject to spontaneous release of hot magmatic liquid which may burn skin, release toxic fumes creating eye irritation and be harmful if digested. May resemble pusslump. In most cases needs immediate medical attention leading up to and including amputation of infected area.
Jonathon showed me his ball sack and it made my eyes burn. He has a bad case of Scabyo!
by toecrib December 06, 2009
Either man our woman after one night stand, unknowingly has wallet /purse stolen. 24 hours later pusslump and scabyo surface near genitals. Approximately one week later balls start to resemble jerkysack. At this time Dr is consoled. Best friend finds Dr paperwork in truck and friend comes clean having to dutybrown about the dirty whore who stole money and destroyed his/hers genital skin.
I'm not going in that bar, I heard that's where Chris was Bo Pelini'ed.........
by Toecrib December 06, 2009
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