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Since it hasn't been defined yet and Google returns 0 results for this emoticon search, I'm going to claim it as my invention. You know why? Because it was!

Yeah, it's a face but it looks a little odd to ascribe to any nation or mood. I guess it's almost like a wet dream face. I'd say the closest representation is one of the Moai faces.
Beelzebub: Hey, Satan. Did you hear about that new emoticon that caused widespread turmoil and chaos?

Satan: Hmm?

Beelzebub: Yeah, yeah! Apparently it's claimed 38,000 lives in 42 nations already. It was only announced this morning!

Satan: Mhmm.

Beelzebub: Satan I don't think you're taking our situation seriously. Hell can't take anymore ingrates at this rate. If we let this carry on we'll run out of resources for sure! I'll have to get back to possessing 9 year old choir girls and you'll have to...Satan?! SATAN! ARE YOU SLEEPING DURING MY DRAMATIC OUTBURSTS, AGAIN?!

Satan: ¦¬)
by ToeSnip13 February 24, 2013
Someone who finds it is necessary to invent and define words on Facebook yet does not have the wit to officially seal it as his own idea via sites such as...Oooh I don't know...THIS ONE?!

New phrase for the english language..."facebook tard" is used to describe sum1 who doesnt kno their status updated from their super pokes or sum1 who tags fotos of friends in incriminating situations.
by ToeSnip13 November 30, 2009

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