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When the money from your next paycheck is already spoken for. Named after the mysterious government agency who takes money from your paycheck before you get it.
Yeah, so the mechanic says I need a new muffler. Gonna have to fica my next paycheck.
by Todd Griffin March 07, 2007
The ultimate peak of Bruce Willis doing his Bruce Willis thing, with non stop quips and excessive violence, in which our boy Bruce makes a face like a monkey every time he shoots a gun.
Have you seen "The Last Boy Scout?" Man, that is Bruce at his Willisiest!
by Todd Griffin January 31, 2007
While used to describe the brief pornographic career of former Simon and Garfunkel singer Art Garfunkel,the term can be used to describe any former star who resorts to displaying their body in pornographic images or films.
Did you hear about that kid from Step by Step? Couldn't find any work, had to go all Pornfunkel.
by Todd Griffin November 15, 2006
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