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1 definition by TobleroneTriangular

All matter is energyand the big bang was pure energy; during the big bang an amount of that infinite pure energy was turned into every element in the ratio of it's atomic weight - for every pound of hydrogen created twice as much helium was created and so on. Most of all this reacted and became other elements; but because gold is unreactive you can trace this down to gold that exists now and will always exist. Most of the gold in the universe is from other generations and was created in an exploding star; there's gold that exists that came fromt he first generation of stars and you can trace the degree of all these back to the big bang. This isn't contraversial; once you accept the big bang happened this is one thing that follows from it the same way as the expansion of the universe follows from it.
The deciding factor in Ron Paul's dark horse victory in the 2008 election was his advocacy of the replacement of fiat currency with purestrain gold.
by TobleroneTriangular January 01, 2008
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