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To reply really late on an instant message chat or even in real life. It comes from three words. Reply, So and Late. Repsolate. DUH. It is also known as rpslt because people can get lazy to type the whole word. It can be in any part of speech. Repsolator. Repsolating. whatever.
Tobi: Yo Bea! Whats up?
.....10 minutes later.
Bea: Sorry, I was spacing out.
Tobi: Oh, right.
by Tobithia November 13, 2010
an awesome crew by ARMBar and ToBig which include the cast of Glee, the LXD, the Jabbawockeez, the LJs, JJ, NickCole, Bianxx and other people. Some of the members were informed that they were in the Croo Cru via twitter casue ToBig and ARMBar are awesome like that.
It's CRU with a U is inspired by Miley and Mandy's M&M CRU WITH A U.
I'm part of the Croo Cru because they're very awesome possum.
by Tobithia May 29, 2010

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