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The action of snapping your fingers and pointing at the same time.
Bill- "Hey Jack hows it--"

Jack- "SPOINT!" (as he spoints at Bill)

Bill- "...Why did you--"

Jack- "SPOINT!"

Bill- "What is th--"

Jack "SPOINT!"

by Tobadious September 07, 2009
How you greet the most amazing girl in the world.
"Hello milady, how are you?"
by Tobadious September 05, 2009
To agree.
Man - Tomorrow would it be ok to meet you at your house at 12:00 to go to the movie?

Woman - Cherpa!

Man - See you then milady!
by Tobadious September 04, 2009
Used to describe something that is so awesome that it deserves the power of kablam, kaboom or any other K related awesomeness.
"That book was K-awesome!"

"I know, I KNOW!"
by Tobadious September 04, 2009

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