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1 definition by Toasty Head

A type of computer revered for it's all in one design but also cursed by this to people who want to upgrade components instead of just getting a new computer which would be faster in the long run. Many claim that the macintosh is lacking in hardware aspects, though one would hardly know the difference. Mac OS X is the ruler of all the operating systems, but is often complained about due to its lack of a mind boggling amount of applications. One should not that the macintosh has more completed feeling apps than the less completed feeling but still numerous Windows apps. Macs happen to have a game deficiency and thus are hated by many people who don't understand the concept of boot camp and Windows on a Mac. Once one switches to the Mac from the PC, almost none of them will ever switch back because they now see the truth.
Bill: Wow, that's a sleek computer Steve!
Steve: Yes Bill, it is.
Bill: Oh, it's a Macintosh, I hear they suck...
Steve: No they don't, wanna touch it?
Bill: SURE! This is pretty sweet Steve!
by Toasty Head August 29, 2007