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A preferred pastime amongst members of the scat community. To perform a Crispy Bojorquez, one must first take a dump into a deep fryer. Once the deep-fried doody ball has cooled off, the person performing the Crispy Bojorquez inserts the poo back into his or her butt. They then proceed to expel the deep-fried fecal matter from their anus, into the receiver’s mouth. Upon completion, it is rumored that the twice evicted, deep-fried turd is gross enough to kill 8 leprechauns. Crispy Bojorquezes are especially disgusting after eating lamb.
Ew! I cant believe you kissed her after i crispy bojorquezed her!

Johnnys passed out...lets crispy bojorquez him!
by Toastah December 27, 2005

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