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A person --other than a family member, significant other, or spouse--who always and consistently comments or likes another friend's facebook activity. The facebook groupie consistently engages and interacts with his/her idol on FB and his or her idol's pictures, comments, and other FB activity. Often the facebook groupie is the first to comment on a person's status update.
He comments on every on my every post. He is my facebook groupie; or

She obviously likes him, because she comments on his every picture or post. She is one of his facebook groupies.
#stalker #face book groupie #fb groupie #groupie #fan
by Tnette January 20, 2012
Gulliblle and easily fooled. A fool or an idiot. One who can easily have the wool pulled over his/her eyes.
He must think I'm johnny foo foo to try and pull that b.s. over my head.
#johnny fu fu #johnnie fu fu #johnnie foofoo #idiot #gullible
by Tnette January 04, 2012
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