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2 definitions by Tmanc

A powerful punch executed during fights at Wal-Mart during the holiday shopping season, usually in a battle over the last $69 TV, $199 laptop, or other gift item. The frequency of Wal-Mart whacks reaches its pinnacle on Black Friday, as well as Christmas Eve.
Christmas Shopper 1: "Man, that guy got knocked out cold"

Christmas Shopper 2: "Yeah, he got a pretty good Wal-Mart whack right to the jaw. He's not getting that laptop now!"
by Tmanc December 05, 2010
The method in which one football referee unnecessarily tosses the ball underhand to another football referee, who then either ref tosses the ball again to another referee or spots the ball in the correct position.
The football went out of bounds, which caused the line judge to ref toss the ball to the umpire, who spotted the ball.
by tmanc October 10, 2011