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(N) 1 a: A person who steals everything they can get their hands on, regardless of the fact that the stolen item may be totally useless or broken. b: A person who steals ideas to further their own social situation, anyone who someone who steals ideas. c: A derogatory colloquialism for a troublesome pet.
(a) He couldn't believe how his lovely wife had become such a complete looter. She was even stealing plastic lunch trays from fast-food restaurants.

(b) He collapsed in tears in front of the entire office. he admitted that he was the looter which had stolen the Muppets in Space movie idea and sold it to the Russians.

(c) Pox... get out of the bag of cat food, I just fed you... God, I swear, you are such a looter
by Tlahtoani Anubis May 31, 2005
(N.) 1 a: Someone exhibiting any efforts to manage a job (any job) that has gone either comically awry or dangerously out of control.

(N.) 2 a: A mode of address used among friends in the context of teasing, or hazing. Used in this context, this term should be considered a term of endearment.

(N) 3 b: A mode of address used as an insult. When used as an insult, this term takes a meaning much like the derogatory meaning of the Spanish word “Jefe.”

Post Script: The use of this word often requires very subtle change in the speaker’s tone of voice and a specific context. Its use is not recommended for clowns, architects, or real managers.
(a) I didn’t want to do it, but, that job was so hopelessly out of control that I had no other choice but to start acting like a manuhjuh.

(b) I know you’re a manuhjuh and all, but that doesn’t mean I have to come mow your lawn.

(c) Look at him over there, throwing everybody under the bus just like a manuhjuh.
by Tlahtoani Anubis August 10, 2006
N) 1 a: Similar in theory to the ass hem. The ass lift refers to a more dramatic change directed at the entire ass, the ass as a whole entity. An ass lift changes the overall aesthetic presentation of the ass in an effort to improve its visual reception by members of the opposing gender. Unlike the ass hem, the ass lift is not generally associated with any single gender. Examples of the ass lift can be found in males as well as females.
1. (a) Forget about getting an ass hem, what you really want is a whole ass lifted, anything worth doing is worth doing all the way, right…?

2. (a) I need to get a three day leave of absence next week so I can get an ass lift.
by Tlahtoani Anubis March 15, 2007
N) 1 a: The sensation one experiences when attiring one’s self, but without underwear (often referred to as going commando,) produced by the testicles sticking to the inside of the upper thigh much like a piece of cold bologna. Bologna balls have been observed in two varieties, wet/sticky, and dry/sticky. b: an adjective, typically a derogatory colloquialism, meant to be offensive.

1. (a) I love living in Florida, but, you always have to remember your underwear or you will develop a wicked case bologna balls.

2. (b) Now that I think about it, shaking hands with Glenn is like getting a big handful of bologna balls.
by Tlahtoani Anubis March 13, 2007
N) 1 a: The state of an ass after it has been hemmed to remove excessive length. This is a highly desirable type of surgery for a woman who owns an ass that is elongated through either some natural or unnatural phenomenon. These phenomenons might include, but are in no means limited to multiple violent childbirth, a long hard life in the Southern United States, biological damage due to the wanton consumption of overly fatty foods, and long term exposure to an architecture office.

1. (a) That blonde chick from next door is tall, but, not in a good way, she’ll be hot after she gets her ass hemmed.

2. (a) Dude, you had better be careful, you keep letting the architects stress you out and you are going to rip your ass hem.
by Tlahtoani Anubis March 15, 2007
(N.) 1 a: Someone that likes to have sex exclusively with tiny Filipino girls.

(N.) 2 b: A mode of address used among a groups of people to describe that one friend that has a fetish for having sex with Filipino girls one third his size. In this context, this term should be considered a term of endearment. See definition of Manuhjuh.

(N.) 3 c: A code name one acquires when passing through the various stages of colossal mistake making. This is the code name used for someone that has failed to learn from the blatantly obvious mistakes of others and persists despite pleas to reason with the act of importing a jungle bride into the United States from the Philippines.
(a) After sunset in the jungle, bawdy tales of the Drilla in Manila struck fear into everyone gathered around the campfire.

(b) The party can start now! The Drilla in Manila is here…!

(c) You realize of course this whole jungle bride thing officially changes your code name to Drilla in Manila, and we all were optimistic that you had learned your lesson after the “Caribbean Caper.”
by Tlahtoani Anubis May 08, 2009

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