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The act of conforming; to conform.
Human nature.

/Everyone/ conforms.
Everyone /will /always/ conform.
You, your family, your friends, me, everyone.
#conform #human nature #inescapable #unavoidable #rebel
by Tk like whoa January 22, 2007
Noun, Adjective

1. Somebody or something that poses as, imitates someone or something.
2. A widly used (mispelling of an?) insult by immature people, usually to critisize people they don't know, hypocritcally, for acting and/or dressing a certain way "to be cool."
See Posuer.
1. If a person were to pose for a/an artist/artists, a photographer, et cetera, they would be considered a poser.

2. Boy or girl: "He/She's such a poser."
#conformist #posuer #immature insult #hypocrisy #lame
by Tk like whoa January 18, 2007
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