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The good time girl is a girl you very much enjoy being with. She is easy to travel with, loves to snuggle, is tolerant and spontaneous, loves you dearly and is single. She is someone you take on trips to see new places, meet your extended family and experience new things all while you choose to remain married to your existing wife with no plans for future divorce or developing habitation with said good time girl. You cherish your alone time, so only plan to be with your good time girl when it best suits you and your life. The good time girl is good for this relationship only until she becomes aware of the fact that it will never, ever deviate from the pattern that has been established. Then, it may become necessary to find a new good time girl and start the process all over again.
Dude, you would rather stay at home and fight than plan a fun future with your good time girl? Lame, dude. Totally lame.
by TinyFlyGurl February 18, 2011
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