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An unbelievable hot guy, who is nothing but muscles. Usually blond hair and eyes that draw you in and never want to look away. He knows how to cheer up his girl by making her laugh and keeping a smile on her face. Knows how to treat a woman like a lady and also knows how to be a REAL man. Very protective but in a good way. Sometimes stubborn and hard-headed and has to learn the hard way and very good hard worker. But once he learns he never makes the same mistake twice. Always puts her first and loves showing her off. He is very down to earth and has secret talents such as being the best singer, especially when he's singing you to sleep and the best in the bed. When he loves, he loves hard. So romantic!
Amber: "All i can dream about is having a Jeriod and making him mine forever!"
by Tinkerbell0828 February 02, 2010

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