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HOUSTON, Texas its the city where Mike Jones, Paul Wall,Slim Thug,Brooke Valentine, and other artist came from. Also were choppped and screwed music originated from.
The other hand on my cup, sippin that purple stuff
H-Town Houston Texas we jam music screwed up - Mike Jones
by TinaMarie September 18, 2005
a underground rap label in Houston, Texas aka H-Town where all the best rappers from houston came from like mike jones, slim thug, lil' flip, paul wall, and so on.
I got it made the big boss of the north, Ain't shit changed I still represent Swisha House - Slim Thug
#slim thug #mike jones #paul wall #h-town #record label #underground
by TinaMarie September 23, 2005
a paint thats really glossy and u can get it in kandy blue, kandy apple red,etc its mostly used in the south on impalas, cadillacs etc.
paul wall in sittin sidewayz: that kandy paint drippin off that ol' school impala
by TinaMarie September 17, 2005
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