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The king of the rankosauruses
Timsy: Unbelievable - Jinji went overseas on holiday and he'd left food to rot in his room. I had to bleach all the plates to remove the smell. I vommed a little in my mouth each time I started scrubbing a new one.

Benji: He truly is rankosaurus rex.
by TimothyToothpaste October 29, 2011
The plural of rankosaurus (could also be "rankosaur-i")
The singular can also be "rankosaurus rex"
Timsy: Fark you wouldn't have believed the smell, it was revolting. How long had you left those burgers rotting in that bag for?
Jinji: It'd only been like one month?
Timsy: You are the king of the rankosauruses - you truly are rankosaurus rex
by TimothyToothpaste October 29, 2011
When something is totes disgusting and it causes you to vom a little in your mouth
Benji: Jinj put coke bottles in his nose - and then tried to eat them out!
Timsy: Ergh! That is rankosaurus! - Gross I vommed a little in my mouth
Benji: Man, who am I hanging out with - a hunting pack of rankosauruses? I hope the 'decency comet' comes to wipe you all out!
by TimothyToothpaste October 29, 2011

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