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To be mad, up for it, mad for it, off the boil
Tim: "Let's get more shots"
Si: "Your mad as toast you are"

Si: "Mad as fucking toast"
by TimmyMagic May 28, 2007
1. An expression used to define anything which can be viewed as pleasureable for the person saying it.

2. Word used as a compliment for attractive females.
1. "Here's your change"
"Lovely stuff"

2. "Hey check her out"
"ohh lovely stuff"
by TimmyMagic December 01, 2005
AKA: Piss Shit Vomit

Commonly occurs in the bed of males aged between 14-28 whom have consumed too much special brew on a night out. Unable to contain themselves during the night this un-holy matrimony is made in their bed linen.
"Alrite Jack how you doing today?"

"Not good mate, woke up and id PSV'd all over the place"

"HAHA you dumb square"
by TimmyMagic December 01, 2005
A variation of "Lovely Stuff" which was coined by Jules Berry of worldpay fame.
"Out tonight hero?"
"Yeah its gonna be lovely blooded muff mate"
by TimmyMagic November 28, 2006
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