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actually, according to Jack Kerouac, in his novel, On The Road, Des Moines is home to the most beautiful women in the world. Plus it is straight up gangsta!
Yo, let's chill in the DMI (Des Moines) tonight, bitch!
by Timmy Sanders March 02, 2006
A famous painter and sculpturist from Spain. Painted in the style of surrealism. A good friend with American sculpture artist Alexander Calder.
Miro rocks the house!
by Timmy Sanders June 22, 2006
A term for reserving a seat.
Me: Quack Quack Seat Back.
You: Well, you can't reserve seats here.
Me: Well, shit in my purse!
by Timmy Sanders March 05, 2006
In World Cup Soccer, the group with the most formidable set of four teams.
The 2006 World Cup's death group included the US, Italy, Czech Republic, and Ghana.
by Timmy Sanders June 22, 2006
Working for cash. Bills are referred to as presidents due to the picture of former presidents on the front of the bills. Specifically refers to jobs in which the employee receives cash for his/her work instead of or along with a paycheck. (Waiters, musicians etc.)
Alex: Yo, what are you up to tonight?
Tim: Man, I gotta work at the restaurant.
Alex: Oh, for real? You get good tips?
Tim: Oh for sure. That's why I got this job. Gotta love working for the president.
Alex: You know that's right.
by Timmy Sanders December 30, 2007
Other than its use as a noun (our moon) and a verb (to moon someone), 'moon' can be used as a way to say goodbye. It is short for "See you on the moon", a pseudo-common way to say goodbye.
Tim: Alright man, I have to leave.
Eric: Ok, we'll see you.
Tim: Yep, moon.
by Timmy Sanders December 09, 2007
Other than the superhero himself, 'batman' is used as a term to describe something cheesy and usually old school, but still cool - something that is 'camp'. (i.e. listening to certain 90's music, watching certain old television shows, etc.)

Michael: What the fuck is this shit, Richard?!
Richard: This? This is Kurtis Blow!
Michael: This shit sucks, and it's super old!
Richard: You're kidding me. This shit's batman.
Michael: Yeah, maybe five years ago when listening to 80's hip-hop was cool.
by Timmy Sanders December 07, 2007

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