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Someone who spends time in a 'cardio' room, doing either elliptical, crosstrainer, or treadmill machines with no intensity, and ultimately make no progress. The worst offenders subsequently down a high-calorie beverage, completely negating their workout.
Jane: "Yeah, I hit the gym. I spend a half hour on a crosstrainer."

John: "Don't be a cardiobunny, put some intensity into your workout!"
by Timmy™ March 10, 2007
1. Externalizing an interior monologue in a crowded room, regardless of whether someone responds or not. Typically used to gather someone's attention, however if the person does not respond, then there is no social shame.

2. Incognito flirting. Questions or statements meant to further conversation, but if not followed up on, will not cause the speaker social shame.
1. "Before class, I wondered aloud where our teacher was. John heard my scattershot and chimed in."

2. "I scattershotted this chick who was working there, but she didn't pick up on it. I said she's always there on Tuesdays, and she was still in retail mode, didn't really respond."
by Timmy™ August 29, 2006
A policy of preemptive strike, as proposed by President George W. Bush.
"My pants weren't dirty yet, but I Bush Doctrined them and washed them anyway."

"I'm going to Bush Doctrine this test, because I can't study at the last minute."

"If that asshat so much as looks at me again, I'm going to Bush Doctrine his face into the ground."
by Timmy™ October 21, 2006

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