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Outer south-eastern suburb of Melbourne. Well known for having the cheapest house prices in the city. Doveton is known for its high crime rate and drug houses, as well as moccasins being the native attire. The area consists mainly of weatherboard commission houses and overgrown grass. Almost identical to Frankston North aka The Pines.
"I live in Doveton."
"Oh dear."
by Timmoo August 28, 2007
Outer suburb in South-East Melbourne, Australia. Shares its postcode with Doveton and is where people say they live so people don't know they really live in Doveton.
Non-local: "Where do you live?"
Local: "Eumemmerring."
Non-local: "Oh that sounds nice. Where's that?"
Local: "Near Doveton."
Non-local: "Oh." *walks away*
by Timmoo August 28, 2007

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