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4 definitions by Timmer

Swift Vent Kick; To kick a woman in the crotch
I'd like to give her a "swift Vent Kick"
by Timmer August 15, 2003
Throwing up in your mouth and swallowing it.
There's nothing better than a Big Mac greasy joe.
by Timmer October 17, 2009
A word used in Dutch to insult people, it has the same negative meaning as bitch in English, but then translated to Dutch. It also has the meaning of a female dog.
Jij vuile teef ... = You Dirty bitch ...
Onze teef is zwanger = Our dog is pregnant
by TiMMeR February 24, 2006
The crustation of jizz on the bitches cha cha after you fuck her
After last night her daffer was the crustiest ive seen in a long time.
by Timmer September 22, 2003