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Riding your motorcycle between endless lanes cars on the freeway.
Damn this traffic jam! If I were on my crotch rocket I could be lanesplitting all the way home!
by Timberwoof April 17, 2003
What happens after thousands of investors in internet companies all forget the hard-learned lessons in software development process and basic business plans: built it well and be profitable.
I lost my job in the dot bomb.
by Timberwoof April 17, 2003
Container of spray-paint.
I painted over the dent with rattlecan black; now it's a ratbike.
That idiot thought he could camouflage a stolen crotch rocket with rattlecan paint.
by Timberwoof April 17, 2003
A motorcycle bought for less than $1000, repaired and kept in what resembles working order with whatever parts will work, and painted (if ever) with a black rattlecan.
I don't need to keep it locked up in my garage; it's just a ratbike.
by Timberwoof April 17, 2003
An apartment constructed in pseudo-industrial architectural style that lacks interior walls, doesn't meet residential building codes, doesn't pay property taxes, and brings suburban yuppies into the city where they drive noisy nightclubs out of commerically zoned neighborhoods.
The rents on those new live-work lofts downtown are outrageous! It must be all the kickbacks for Da Mayor.
by Timberwoof April 17, 2003
A motorcycle fitted out with tall suspension, knobby tires, handguards, and loud muffler; designed for maneuverability and lanesplitting, it can find parking anywhere.
That DR650 makes a nice urban assault vehicle.
by Timberwoof April 17, 2003

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