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A mysterious masked vigilante who has a toothbrush mustache very similar to the one Adolph Hitler had in WWII.
Usually seen wearing an entirely red costume with a black bullet-proof vest, although he has been seen wearing a black costume with a red bullet-proof vest, he also carries various weapons with him. He goes from city to city removing any form of crime and then leaving the area. He is in no way related to Adolph Hitler in any way he is known as Super Hitler simply because of his mustache. He goes by many other names some of the most common are: Grammar Nazi, Nazi Man, The Swastika, Speed Racist, The Apology and The Stache. He is actually kind not racist.
What's that in the sky. It's a bird, it's a German aircraft, no! it's SUPER HITLER!!!!
by timtimtim March 25, 2012
A harsh, rarely used insult towards caucasians. The meaning of the word is in it. Stereotypically, a lot of caucasians have small Penis's and negroes who are known to have larger Penis's often use this word to insult them.
"Look at this Peckerwood. You know he cant hit it right."
by TimTimTim June 19, 2008

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